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The Faire will have volunteers on hand to help you unload and set up for the Faire.
Tables, chairs, power and WiFi are included. We will also provide you with breakfast and lunch free of charge!
We will list accepted exhibitors and vendors on our website, which is connected to the global Maker Faire community.

There is no exhibitor fee if you are an individual maker, non-profit organization, or school club, and you don’t intend to sell anything at the Faire. If you are planning to sell, an exhibitor fee may apply.

Yes, but preference will be given to exhibitor applications that include a hands-on or interactive component.

It depends on the size of your organization and what you have in mind. See the Exhibitor Fees page for details.

Your enthusiasm and patience, your project or activity, and any materials needed to help explain your project or do your activity. And of course, extension cords and duct tape!

The Pioneer Valley Mini Maker Faire runs from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday April 11th, 2020, at Willits Conference Center, Mount Holyoke College.

Load-in and setup will be Saturday morning before the Faire. Please load in as early as you need to in order to be completely set up by 10 am.
Load-out begins at 5 pm. Please plan to stay for the entire Faire; it’s disruptive to have booths packing up before the event is over.

Alcohol, marijuana, and weapons are prohibited. If your exhibit will include anything that is, or could be construed to be, in any of these categories, make sure you let us know so we can talk to Public Safety beforehand.

Parking is available on and around the Mount Holyoke College campus. Please see our website if you’re unfamiliar with the area. If you need special accommodations, please contact us.

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) bus stops right by Mount Holyoke College’s Willits Hallowell Conference Center. Please visit their website for bus schedules and other information.

There is limited bike parking on the Mount Holyoke campus.

Yes! Please fill out the volunteer form to let us know you’re interested!

The show will go on! Bring rain gear to keep you dry when walking outdoors. Fortunately, we will have many indoor exhibits and a large enclosed tent to keep the family dry.

To have a fantastic time! You’ll be surprised and intrigued with every corner that you turn.

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